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Your local destination wedding in England

What is a destination wedding? It is a wedding held in a location other than your home country. Typically, with your other half, if you live, say, in England, you decided to have your dream wedding in Italy, Greece, Dubai ..or France.

I recently participated in a virtual wedding fair, thanks to Magpie wedding (have a look at the Facebook Live) when we discussed weddings, and in particular French destination weddings.

Why would you want to get married in France? Well, France is renowned for its exquisite food and beautiful chateaux but most of the time, speaking to couples, what they are looking for is to get away for a few days, sit by the pool, drink rose, visit the stunning lavender fields in Valensole. I am the bearer of good news: you can also have that in England!

Few months back, I was lucky enough, in preparation of one of our weddings, to visit amazing venues. When I was there, I got exactly that feeling..of happiness, calm and relaxation. Exactly what couples long for. Imagine yourself with your closest family members and friends at Cornwell Manor, Aynhoe Park or the Wilderness Reserve…heaven.

And for those obsessed with a change of scenery? All the pictures you saw above.. captured through the magical lens of Tom Jeavons, were taken in …Shoreham, Kent. I rest my case.

Tom is one of our preferred wedding vendors, a gifted photographer based in Kent.

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Hello, I’m Audrey, founder of Audrey Ametis Weddings, an international wedding planning company, as seen on Grazia and Harper’s BAZAAR. We are based in London but we interact with couples from all over the world. Our advice for 2020: have a simpler, safer intimate local wedding. Micro weddings can be magical! Feel free to comment or contact me to discuss the vision of your wedding E: T: +44 7340 58 32 38.

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