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Terms of use

Scope of work

We will co-ordinate Your wedding and oversee the entire planning process including being present at the venue(s), when deemed necessary, during the lead up to the actual wedding events;

► introduce and obtain quotes from a variety of third-party suppliers for the goods and services required for your wedding 

► book, reserve and confirm any third-party products & services orders/ purchases in your name subject to your express authorisation in writing;

► check and confirm arrival times of all third-party suppliers and hired items and provide venue access;

► conduct as many site visits (up to 10 physically, unlimited virtually; please note we may not be able to attend all meetings such as final dress fitting) throughout the various planning stages as deemed necessary to successfully co-ordinate all wedding events;

► compile a fully time running order which we shall circulate to the relevant third-party suppliers as required. This includes but shall not be limited to the full details of plan a and b, wet weather plan and all contact details;

► advise on the process and requirements involved in booking a legal wedding ceremony in the UK subject to any Service Exclusion;

► manage, co-ordinate and design as applicable: 

► ► Venue search and site visits;

► ► Wedding ceremony and order of service advice;

► ► Liaising with venue(s) regarding all aspects of the wedding celebrations and logistics involved;

► ► Working with venue(s) food and beverage department in relation to all catering requirements;

► ► Wedding gift list advice / recommendations;

► ► Invitations and replies;

► ► Stationery including but not limited to order of service, menus, place cards, invitations and table plan/ escort cards;

► ► advice on travel and accommodation logistics (yours and your guests);

► ► advice on transportation;

► ► Photographer/ Videographer;

► ► Wedding attire, wedding rings and wedding party attire;

► ► Floral Décor;

► ► Design and décor (including all dry hire – stage / dance floor);

► ► Entertainment (including music at the church);

► ► All technical requirements - audio, lighting, visual effects (if required) power distribution management;

► ► Wedding Cake;

► ► Beauty / Gentlemen’s Grooming;


IMPORTANT NOTE: An Operations Team should be and is usually provided by the venue or caterer, however where a fully staffed Operations Team is not provided by the venue or caterer, one will be appointed by Us and Additional Fees shall be payable for these Additional Services. The Operations Team’s tasks shall include:

► service of food and beverage;

► bar management;

► moving and installation of any and all furniture/ wedding décor as necessary;

► setting of banqueting room or marquee including laying and clearing banqueting tables;

► cloak room services;

► cleaning before and after the event;

► inventory of all dry hired items – unpacking and repacking for collection. 




The Services will NOT include anything that is not noted as a Service Inclusion above unless agreed in writing between the parties. For the avoidance of doubt, here is a non-exhaustive list of services that are expressly excluded:


► Service of food and beverage;

► Driving or transporting guests;

► Physical labour;

► Although, we will advise on the process and requirements involved in booking a legal wedding ceremony in the UK, it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all requirements, complete all the necessary paperwork, and contact all the relevant departments to ensure that you can marry. We are not responsible or liable for any missed requirement that is not completed and renders you unable to lawfully marry.

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