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Seychelles or Maldives?

Seychelles or Maldives?

A question often asked by (lucky) honeymooners.

Audrey, founder of Audrey Ametis Weddings, shared with us that she was fortunate enough to spend with her husband their honeymoon in..

Constance Hotel Lemuria Praslin (be on the look out for another blog soon on this incredible venue). How divine!

Share with us your preference to receive more details on those honeymoon destinations.

Examples of magnificent hotels:

  • Constance Hotels

  • Four Seasons

  • LUX

  • Villa North Island

  • Fregate Island

Comment on your preferred honeymoon destination and hotel now.

P.S: photos are from the Caribbean island Guadeloupe. Tag a couple who wishes to visit this beautiful island.

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