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A Christmas Carol: winter weddings at The Lanesborough

A Christmas blog

It started like a normal Thursday. Even though she knew Andrew invited her for dinner tonight, Olivia had perhaps one too many mince pies. But it was ok. We were 30 days to Christmas after all.

Why was he so adamant that they had to meet at the Lanesborough that evening for dinner where they were both so busy at work?

He told her he had something important to ask her. Had he received perhaps some good news about this lovely property in Richmond they viewed 3 days ago? We shall see.

She decided to book an appointment at the amazing Errol Douglas in Belgravia to have her hair and make up done. Just in case.

She was sipping a cinnamon hot cocoa when she realised. Oh my goodness. Was he going to propose? No..surely he was not. They had only been together for 12 months.

She left the salon at 6pm, looking like royalty.

It was time to go and meet Andrew.

Olivia came out of Hyde Park Corner tube station, walking towards the impressive Lanesborough hotel.

How lovely. A choir was singing Carol of the Bells. She felt cold snow flakes falling slowly onto her face. And then, she saw him.

Here he was, standing from afar with a huge red roses bouquet (from Miriam Faith)

He smiled at her..the amazing doormen of the Lanesborough Victor & Carl showed her in. Andrew just whispered.."follow me".

They arrived in the St Georges room and Olivia started crying.

There was a red carpet entirely made of flowers!

The tables were beautiful lighted with candles from Rachel Vosper, her favourites.

Huge cakes and stunning cupcakes from Elizabeth's Cake Emporium were on a beautiful table.

Olivia & Andrew tasted Elizabeth's Cake Emporium cakes at two wedding friends at Blenheim Palace and at the Langham last year and they thought they were exquisite.

We must have her cakes for our wedding” - she said before blushing; they had only been together for 06 months at the time but she felt reassured and relaxed when Andrew just smiled back at her, rather than feeling under pressure.

She would never have imagined in a million years that he would have proposed so soon though.

He made her laugh, smile and cry. She knew he was the one.

Andrew kneeled down and took out a beautiful Mayfair Jewellers engagement ring and said: “Olivia Emily Victoria Andrea Green, would you give me the honour of becoming my wife?”

She whispered: “ I cannot believe it. I love you. YES! Of course yes”

She called her mother, and best friends.

After a few minutes she was dreaming of her bridal gown. A Zuhair Murad ? J’Aton (Valentini)?

Emmy Shoes London that was for sure!

She read in Brides Magazine that wedding favours could be a great way to show her creativity. She decided mini-three tier wedding cakes would be perfection! She saw one from Little fancies.

Andrew gave her carte blanche for the wedding.

First thing in Friday morning she called Audrey Ametis Weddings. Audrey congratulated her and said: " I am ready to start planning what would be one of the most beautiful days of your and Andrew’s lives".

The end

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