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Weddings at the Four Seasons Geneva

Are you looking for a wedding venue in Geneva and you have 200 guests? Look no further than the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva.

It is quite a treat to stay at a Four Seasons Hotel anywhere in the world. Even more so to have your wedding at the Four Seasons.

Throwback August. What an absolute delight! We had at Audrey Ametis Weddings the chance to visit the superb Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva.

What a warm welcome from the Four Seasons team and the flowers were so beautiful (the genius Jeff Leatham is the flower artist at the Four Seasons George V Paris - read our blog on Jeff Leatham - in Geneva, it is the amazing Serge Marzetta and his team preparing the most beautiful floral arrangements in the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva’s lobby).

Everything is done at the Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues Geneva to make your life easier. Their vision is “From invitations to wedding cakes, floral creations to memorable farewells, trust Four Seasons to simplify your planning and make your wedding day everything you have ever imagined.” and we could not agree more.

We met the lovely Lauriane Loursel and we liaised with the wonderful Audrey Poncet, both managers in charge, respectively, of corporate and of wedding events.

We had the chance to visit various salons at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva:

  • Salle des Nations: with a capacity of 200 persons in round tables

  • Salon du Lac: 80 persons in round tables (34 oval)

  • Salon du Grand Mont Blanc: 60 persons (round tables) / 28 (oval)

  • Salon du Petit Mont Blanc: 40 persons (round tables) / 22 (oval)

  • Salon du Salève: 10 persons (round tables)/ 16 (oval)

Our favourite was the impressive Salle des Nations. Created to host the League of Nations, the Salle des Nations is one of the most prestigious ballrooms we ever visited. With superb chandeliers, there is so much grandeur in this room.

Contact us today if you wish to get married in this iconic venue.

P.S: Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva has the most amazing spa and restaurants for your guests’ delight before and after the wedding!

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