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Ritz Paris: your home Place Vendome

There is a very special feeling when one enters the Ritz Paris. First, you are surrounded by beauty and the hotel overlooks the famous Place Vendome (a second entrance via the iconic Rue Cambon, home to the first Chanel boutique in the world, will open soon).

We had the immense pleasure at Audrey Ametis Weddings to visit the beautiful Ritz Paris in preparation for one of our weddings on a lovely Saturday morning in June.

Venue searching for our clients is one of our favourite things in the world and with the Ritz Paris we were in for a treat: a beautiful red carpet leading to a long corridor, perfect for practising that walk down the aisle.

The Ritz Paris is a superb location for your wedding in Paris and it strives to exceed clients' expectations. It has five salons (Salon psyche with its impressive chandelier; Salon Louis XV a marvellous classic; Salon d’ete with a superb view to the Ritz Paris terrace, Salon de Gramont with its superb red and gold interior; Salon Cesar Ritz - our favourite - so much calm and beauty in this salon - and the large and impressive Salon Vendome); all with multiple capacities. If the weather allows, we recommend you privatise the Ritz Paris ‘grand jardin’.

It is luxurious and opulent with modern high tech toys (e.g. screens and remote access music in the ceilings thanks to its recent renovation).

As the Ritz Paris celebrates 200 years of excellence, we can see why it has remained one of the best hotels in the world. Imagine your guests arriving at the place vendome for your wedding. If you wish to get married in a hotel place vendome, then there is only place to consider: the Ritz Paris.

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