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Spotlight on Wedding shoes: Jimmy Choo

Throwback May’17. It started like a normal day. How did I end up having my picture taken with Jimmy Choo?!

I attended the “Les Trois Sœurs” luxury catwalk in Canary Wharf in collaboration with Brides Magazine, Conde Nast No.1 bridal magazine.

The amazing Jimmy Choo was listed as special guest to attend the catwalk. And here was he. Large sunglasses. He is tall. Very tall. Not by his actual height mind you, but by his brilliance, his aura, his charisma.

So why do so many brides dream to wear Jimmy Choo bridal shoes? Why the Jimmy Choo obsession?

It is the way the Jimmy Choo shoes make you feel. So feminine, so sophisticated. They make you feel confident, powerful. Like royalty. Like a celebrity.

Meeting him, even for a few seconds, lead me to understand why Jimmy Choo shoes are so special. First, the Jimmy Choo shoes are very pretty. Well, that is a given. The reason why the Jimmy Choo shoes are so popular in my opinion is because Jimmy Choo OBE managed to convey all of these feelings of power, passion and confidence in his shoes.

Personally, I did not splash on shoes at my wedding. Staying in a suite at the Ritz was important to me, to be in a luxurious environment, on my own, quiet before the big day. My wedding shoes had to be pretty, feminine; they were pumps diamond like colour, fitting with my dress. What was important to me was to be able to dance all night long! What is the most important to YOU? I would love to find out. Any questions and comments, feel free to contact me.

In conclusion my dear brides the key takeaway is: do what’s important to you, to make you feel good.

Practical tips for brides: have two pairs of shoes, one with heels and a comfortable pair of ballerinas

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