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The Lanesborough: your home in Knightsbridge

Home. As soon as one enters the Lanesborough, one feels at home.

First, there is this feeling of happiness, a feeling of being comfortable in an exquisite environment where everyone is friendly yet extremely polite. Every single one member of staff is greeting you with a nice, calm and warm smile.

Then, there is astonishment. At the Lanesborough you are surrounded by beauty and grandeur: spectacular chandeliers, red carpets, gold leafs in the ceiling...the Lanesborough is the epitome of British sophistication. Your perfect hidden gem in London.

We had the pleasure at A.A.W, Audrey Ametis Weddings, to be recently invited at the Lanesborough by Antoinette Lettieri, Head of Events at the Lanesborough, their new powerhouse.

Antoinette gave us a tour of the hotel and it is magnificent. It has seven private dining rooms. For a wedding, this is our top five:

  • the baby blue and pink Belgravia room, with its splendid chandeliers (seated capacity: up to 90; reception: up to 180);

  • the smaller yet very elegant Westminster room in its green tone (seated: up to 30; reception: up to 60);

  • the impressive turquoise Wellington room (seated: up to 60; reception: up to 90);

  • the St George's - one of our favourites, perhaps because Audrey Ametis was born on St George's day - lots of grandeur in this room with gold leafs in its ceiling (seated: up to 50; reception: up to 80);

  • the Wilkins room, for a dinner with your loved ones perhaps the day before your wedding or a lunch for the bride and bridesmaids as an engagement party? (seated: 20; reception: up to 30).

At the Lanesborough everything is done to make your life easier for your wedding day: the acclaimed hair stylist Daniel Galvin Jr opened a salon at the Lanesborough, there is an extremely gifted in-house florist and of course chauffeurs, concierge and butlers to take care of your guests.

For the grooms who wish to relax pre-wedding, how about meeting with your best man and ushers in the exclusive Lanesborough Cigar lounge and enjoy a 1770 cognac?

The Lanesborough is sublime with an impeccable service. That's what you long for when you stay in a luxury hotel. That's what you need and deserve for the most important day of your life.

We would be delighted at Audrey Ametis Weddings to liaise with the Lanesborough on your behalf, should you have any questions about your wedding day at the Lanesborough (contact: or +44 7340 58 32 38)

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