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Spotlight on bespoke luxury perfumes: Design in Scent

We had the pleasure at Audrey Ametis Weddings to meet Gemma Hopkins and Meghan Fay, Founder and Managing Director of Design in Scent at the Corrigan’s wedding showcase in Mayfair. Design in Scent creates beautiful bespoke fragrances. I invite you to find out more about their amazing fragrance journey at Design in Scent .

We were delighted to receive a gorgeous Wedding Fragrance Discovery Experience gift. The Wedding Fragrance Discovery Experience is a lovely box containing 12 wedding fragrances. Today we are presenting the 12 fragrances and we will announce our favourite!

We are in awe and wonder at Audrey Ametis Weddings with such creative names:

  • White Jardin

  • Symphony

  • Timeless

  • Frosted Veil

  • Deep Dusk

  • Eden Noir

  • Valley of Dew

  • Radiate

  • Tomorrow

  • Spiced Embers

  • Mountain roots

  • Amber’s glow

We sampled them all on a nice relaxing Sunday morning. We could not pick one only: they are all amazing! Our favourites are Radiate & Timeless. My husband’s favourites were Spiced Embers and Deep Dusk (a beautiful idea of Design In Scent is to have his and hers perfumes). Sublime.

Design in Scent creates bespoke products for wedding gifts. The bottles can be engraved to create beautiful escort cards, place cards or favours. Such a wonderful idea!

All copyrights to: Design in Scent.

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