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Spotlight on luxury wedding dress designer: Phillipa Lepley

Where to start.. For the only few who live in another galaxy and do not know Phillipa Lepley, Phillipa Lepley is a British luxury couture wedding dress designer based in London Fulham.

I fell in love with princess fairytale Phillipa Lepley’s Rose Swarovski ballerina dress and since then I cannot get Phillipa Lepley’s dresses out of my head.

Silk organza, embroidered French lace, bows, satin, tulle, ball gowns, long evening gowns..every single Phillipa Lepley’s dress to me represents the epitome of timeless English elegance.

Phillipa Lepley’s craftsmanship skills are second to none. The new bridal collection is exquisite.

See our guide to happiness:

  1. Visit Phillipa Lesley's website

  2. Decide on your top 3 favourite dresses – this is going to take quite a while.. they are all gorgeous! However a tip to choose: visualize your special day, you will wear the dress your whole day; Have you got far to walk, do you love dancing, what will be the weather like? What you want is to look effortlessly elegant

  3. Arrange an appointment with Phillipa Lepley’s couture bridal shop.

Once you have made your choice, we would be delighted at A.A.W Audrey Ametis Weddings to help you plan your wedding.

Copyrights to: Phillipa Lepley

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