"Call the Ritz!"

I remember very precisely my first night at the Ritz. June 2010. I was living in Dubai at the time but travelled to London to pay my law school fees.

I found the Ritz "by mistake". A lucky one. I had booked a suite at the Hilton but it was not ready when I arrived. Acting like a spoiled princess, I told the receptionist - after enquiring first about any potential cancellation fees, there was none -: "My suite isn't ready? Call the Ritz for me!"

Here I was, on my way to one of the most iconic hotels in the world.

I remember the perfect service, the attention to details, the warm, yet professional, welcome on arrival and the morning after: "And a very good morning to you Ms Ametis, did you sleep well Ms Ametis?" I was in heaven.

And as a matter of fact I must have been since I slept so very well! The bed at the Ritz was soft yet firm, a delicate cloud delivered by angels.

I went to bed at 2pm for a short siesta ..woke up at 5pm. And I kept saying to myself: just an extra half an hour, an extra half an hour, an extra half an hour..and I kept falling asleep..And I kept coming back to the Ritz.

First in 2012 to celebrate my birthday; then in 2016, the night before my wedding, a gift to myself, to celebrate my last night as a single woman.

The day before, I had afternoon tea with mother (I strongly recommend the afternoon tea; the service is absolutely superb).

Would you like me to share with you a bit of a spooky story? Whilst planning my wedding, I listened to a classical music to help me stay focus: "Suite Bergamasque, Clair de Lune, Debussy." On the day before the wedding. I go up to my suite with a lovely lady (for the private check-in). She opens the door..there is a music at the back. It is Suite Bergamasque, Clair de Lune, Debussy.. Turns out it is the "Ritz" music. Sublime.

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