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Spotlight on Vera Wang: “couture, très couture, very couture”

We love at Audrey Ametis Weddings success stories, leadership skills (fail fast, fail cheap), someone having a successful career and yet creating their own independent business at 40 years old.. Today it is with great honour that we feature Vera Wang. We thank Vera Wang for daring to succeed and being a risk taker. Vera Wang dresses are so romantic, so sublime, so feminine. Without Vera Wang, the wedding industry would not have been the same.

When did we hear first of Vera Wang? We genuinely cannot remember. It is like her brand had always been there. “She wore a Vera Wang dress at her wedding”.. This sentence is usually followed by “WOW” or silence; as the person is in awe and wonder and knows straight away that the brides and groom made it and have impeccable taste.

We also love White by Vera Wang, a more affordable collection. We tried at Audrey Ametis Weddings the White by Vera Wang’s twill gazar lace reference VW351088. Stunning.

There is a fine line between White by Vera Wang and the $ 1.5 million, the most expensive Vera Wang dress with peacock feathers. At Audrey Ametis Weddings we are impressed with the Vera Wang Juliette, Fall 2017 or the Vera Wang Therese Spring 2018.

What is your favourite Vera Wang dress? Leave us comments at:

All copyrights: to Vera Wang; Harpers Bazaar

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